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BUDUJEMY Z POMYSŁEM –Targi Budownictwa, Instalacji, Wnętrz – 13-14.09 2014 r. – Andrychów, Hala Sportowa, ul. I-go Maja 4
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Targi w Krakowie Sp. z o.o. pod nowym adresem...
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Fair KIELCE SPORT - LATO 2013 canceled...

2013-07-05 Targi Kielce’s objective is to provide its customers with top-quality services. Thus, considering our utmost concern for the proper preparation of trade fair presentations as well as following your suggestions regarding a difficult situation in the sports and outdoor business sector, we have been compelled to make the difficult decision and suspend this year’s edition of the KIELCE SPORT - LATO 2013 expo.

However we wish to inform you that preparations for all other events related to active pastime, i.e. KIELCE BIKE-EXPO (3-5.10) and KIELCE SPORT - ZIMA (12-15.02.2014) are continued without any obstructions as a few dozens of companies have already confirmed their trade fair participation. You are most welcome to join the above mentioned events.

You will be consulted and duly notified about the consecutive edition of KIELCE SPORT-LATO.

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